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Costume Rental

Rachael's FunHouse provides children's costumes for your party

All costumes are clean and in good condition
A minimum of 7 days advance booking is required
A 100 HKD deposit is required to reserve each costume, with the balance refunded once it is returned on time in good condition and relatively clean

Standard Package

75 - 150 HKD per costume

Maximum 2 days or for the weekend Friday to Monday

See Terms & Conditions below for details


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Optional Popular Package Add-On's

Chocolate Fondue machine
Popcorn machine

Face Painter
Cookie and Cupcake decorating
Cake matching the Party Theme
Party Food Catering matching Party Theme
Invitations matching Party Theme
Photos with backdrop matching Party Theme

• Book to reserve your favourite costume or take it home straight away. 

• The standard rental period is for two nights - this means you can collect your costume the day before you need it and return it the day after. Sundays are not counted, so if you need the costume for a week-end you can collect it on Friday and return it on Monday. 

• We charge a costume rent fee which is payable in cash. In addition, we require a security deposit payable in cash or by credit card. 

• Most of our childrens costumes are 350 HKD per rental period (some deluxe costumes are charged at a higher rate).

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions 

The “Rentor” is Rachael’s Funhouse.

The "Customer" shall mean the person, company, firm, or other body renting the costumes and includes their successors and/or personal representatives. 

The "Costumes" are the garments which Rachael’s Funhouse agrees to rent to the Customer.

The "Rental Period" is the period from the time the Customer takes possession of the Costumes until the Costumes are returned to Rachael’s Funhouse. 

2. Ownership of costumes

The costumes remain the property of Rachael’s Funhouse. The Customer purchases only the limited right to use the costumes for the agreed Rental Period.

3. Payment 

Payment of the full cost of renting the Costumes is payable to Rachael’s Funhouse by the Customer at the commencement of the rental period. Payment can be made by in cash. We regret we do not accept cheques unless prior arrangement has been made.

4. Security Deposits 

A security deposit is also payable by the Customer to Rachael’s Funhouse at the commencement of the rental period. The Customer can pay the deposit in cash. The deposit shall not form part of the assets of Rachael’s Funhouse unless and until it is forfeited by the Customer failing to return the costumes in good condition on or before the date agreed.

5. Advance booking

Payment of the full rental amount is required to secure a booking. Costumes may be booked up to six months in advance. Booking means that Rachael’s Funhouse will not offer the booked costume(s) to anyone else on the agreed dates. Rachael’s Funhouse will take all reasonable care to have the costume available on the agreed dates but will not be responsible for any losses or consequential losses if the costume is not available on the agreed dates.

6. Cancellations

For cancellations more than 5 days before the commencement of the Rental Period, the Customer will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the full amount of the rental. For cancellations that are 5 days or less the Customer will forfeit the full rental amount. 

7. Stained costumes

The Customer must take all reasonable steps to protect the Costumes from loss or harm during the period of time that they are in the Customers care. Costumes are rented in clean condition. If, in the opinion of Rachael’s Funhouse, the costumes are found to be unreasonably soiled upon return, Rachael’s Funhouse reserves the right to charge the Customer for all cleaning costs, up to and including the replacement price of the costumes, plus the reasonable cost of lost rents while the costume is unavailable.

8. Lost or Damaged Costumes

The Customer will pay Rachael’s Funhouse the replacement costs plus the cost of lost rentals while the costume(s) are unavailable for all costumes lost during the rental period or while in the Customers control and care, regardless of the cause. In the unlikely event of Rachael’s Funhouse having to take legal action and/or pay for debt collection, the customer will be responsible for all legal costs incurred in addition to the cost of the loss. The Customer accepts that an additional charge, over and above the deposit, may be payable should the deposit not be sufficient to cover cleaning, late return, damage, or loss to the Costumes. 

9. Late Return

A charge equal to 50% of the daily rental fee will accrue per day for costumes not returned by the date agreed. If the Costumes are not returned within 7 days of the end of the Rental Period, the Costumes will be deemed to be lost and the full replacement value will be charged.

10. Alterations to costumes

The Customer may not alter or modify the costumes in any way.

11. Sub-letting, Loaning of Costumes

The costumes shall not be re-hired, sub-let, or loaned to any third party without the knowledge and consent of Rachael’s Funhouse who may at their discretion refuse such consent or require additional payment.

12. Consequential losses

Rachael’s Funhouse accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property or injury to person(s) in any form. Costumes are rented and used at the Customer’s own risk.

13. Conditions of business

All rental agreements with Rachael’s Funhouse shall be subject to these conditions of business and no other. No variation of the terms shall be valid unless agreed in writing and signed on behalf of the Customer and Rachael’s Funhouse.

14. Variations and waivers 

Rachael’s Funhouse may, at their discretion, waive or vary any of these conditions. Such variations and waivers will only have force if noted in writing and signed on behalf of Rachael’s Funhouse. 

Assignment of rights and liabilities

All agreements made between Rachael’s Funhouse and the Customer are individual to the Customer who shall not assign those rights or liabilities under any agreement subject to these conditions.